Connect with NFT & Web3 Communities connects advertisers and publishers to NFT & Web3 communities around the world. We offer targeted and effective reach for businesses who want to promote Web3 products, Crypto services and NFT collections to relevant audiences at scale.

You don't have to be an expert. Create and run ad campaigns using simple self-service tools, and track their results through easy-to-read reports.


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Why AtomicAds?

We started with 2 publishers - our own sites - with 2.3MM connected wallets and growing. We welcome other publishers to join our network, and benefit from the AtomicAds solution.



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For advertisers

Advertise on AtomicAds to Reach a Web3, NFT & Crypto Audience of Millions

Onboarded customers can quickly and easily create and manage advertising campaigns with our self-service system. We are committed to quality and integrity, to ensure only legitimate advertisers and publishers use our platform to reach our audience. As such, each campaign and creative is manually reviewed by our advertising operations department.

Create and manage your advertising campaigns on, the busiest NFT marketplace in the world!

We focus exclusively on the Web3, Crypto and NFT market - a difficult audience for others to identify, let alone reach.

Track the performance of your ads to drive data driven decisions and optimize your Return on Ad Spend.

Create and manage your campaigns flexibly with a robust self-service credit system.

For publishers

Monetize Your Audience Through AtomicAds

You are a publisher and want to give customers easy access to your advertising space?

Reduce operational workload with our self-service system

Optimize revenues by filling unbooked inventory with our bidding feature

Protect your brand by airing only screened and approved creatives

Advertisers want to reach Web3, Crypto and NFT consumers - and struggle to find them today. That's because most major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) do not cater to our business categories. As a result, we see massive untapped potential.

We already have a robust targeted audience of millions. However, we require a larger audience to meet existing and future expected demand.

Join AtomicAds as a publisher, or just get in touch to chat about the future of blockchain. We live and breathe it. Crypto Winter won't last forever!

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What is is an advertising platform from Spielworks, a Berlin-based Web3 gaming startup. The company also operates — the world's busiest NFT marketplace with 2.3MM+ connected wallets.

We have sold advertising on our websites and decentralized applications since launch. However, the process was manual and time-consuming. We had to KYC new advertisers to ensure credibility and integrity, review their creatives to ensure quality, manually place the code on our products, run reports, and then manage billing and accounting processes. It was a colossal pain in the ass!

Rather than continue with the status quo, we built a product to manage this service properly. Instead of just building this for our own use, we decided to build it for all the publishers and advertisers in the Web3, Crypto & NFT markets.

Only through scale will we really achieve greatness!

AtomicAds is now a platform that connects advertisers and publishers. It allows publishers to list ad inventory such as banner space, which advertisers can then book in a self-service system. We allow campaign and ad management. Ad performance is tracked to give both advertisers and publishers data-driven insights.

What is the difference between Advertisers and Publishers?

Advertisers are businesses, projects, collectives, DAOs or other individuals or organizations that run web3, Crypto and NFT-related projects and want to reach new audiences to grow.

Publishers are businesses that have a large audience in the Web3, Crypto or NFT markets through their websites, mobile apps, DAPPs, crypto wallets, decentralized products or social media and want to monetize this reach.

How does the bidding system work?

Ad inventory is divided into two-hour slots that are available to book for advertisers in advance.

Whenever there would be an empty/unused slot going live, utilizes the bidding system to avoid wasted inventory. Advertisers can submit bids for unused slots in advance, without specifying a timeslot. The system then looks for the highest bid and airs it.

This allows advertisers to reach their audiences at a reduced price, while minimizing unused inventory for publishers and thus maximizing revenues.

How does guarantee the quality of ads?

Trust is the most important currency in the web3 ecosystem. Publishers don't want to risk their reputation by airing low quality ads.

And we all HATE rug-pulls, scams, spam, fraud and evil.

So we do what we can to prevent it. We KYC everyone, and want to see proof that we are doing business with real people or companies. It's like 'No Shirt No Service' except in this case we want to see your ID before onboarding you to our platform.

Also, all creatives need to be reviewed and approved by the advertising operations team before they can be used in any booking.

Who operates is operated by Spielworks, the parent company of AtomicHub and Wombat.

We built to tackle the challenges we were facing in selling the ad inventory on our own websites, at which point we realized that the tool would be valuable for other publishers in the web3 space that were facing the same challenges as we were.

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